Saying yes brings you less, bles-sed by your finesse.

Your intentions like dress from an overstock rack,

Maybe once, even twice you can use it in vain,

Maybe world is insane and your tears are rain,

Maybe all of your enemies sleeping, not slain,

Maybe battle royal circles down the drain.

Maybe you need a brain, not the one that’s been used,

But the one that’s been spared, and protected, not dared

To excel beyond words and the senseless retorts

Pirouetted through trials of murderous Lords.

Knowledge brings you no peace, your experience sucks.

Maybe you’ve become wise, and you sleep in the rocks –

The discomfort of running fresh out of fucks,

Paraphrasing the imagery real life lacks.

Kiss the ring, drop the bling, and protect what you think.

Stay away from your dreams, your ambition, it stinks.

You don’t even wake up till you are in a ring,

And you fear and loathing displays through your ink.

Pardon words filled with hate, I arrived rather late,

And I never could slow myself down and wait.

I don’t plan, I don’t date, I just wanna get laid,

And I see every day as residual bait.

I progress on my own, and I judge on the low,

And I think that it’s never too late just to grow.

I’m already endowed in my brain and below,

And I’d rather Jim Carrey a Yes, than a no.

Silhouette of your fear, it dances at night,

Like when you hit a deer, and bust your headlight.

Like you’re floating above, like the world ain’t enough.

Like your mouth perverted a rather weak laugh,

Like you’re trying to love, but you simply can not

Like the words fall on ears you robbed of your lot.

Like you’re destined to rot and abandoned by G-d,

You expect all the pain, but you hope for Jackpot.

This is not who we are, you’re a shiny night star

You will live, you will build, you will write memoir.