Tearing through the day unstable

Tearing through the day unstable am I even willing/able

To pick up the extra slack? Nights they always will be black

Filled with fear, anger, doubt, shed a tear getting loud.

I don’t yell to make more noise, I just like my own voice.

Here I said it and repeated, go rejoice you fuckers, beat it

Disappear from my view, make it all about you

Only I don’t give a damn, I complain when getting slammed

Don’t be chatty at my party, you’ll get slaughtered like a lamb.

Try to mess with me, of course, this will be a minor loss,

Try to feel regret, remorse open eyes and open doors

To the next successful venture, speak your mind and don’t get censored.

Here we go, it’s my queue, see you in my rearview

I will pass you in my travels, step to digging, get your shovels

Find one of rear gifts. I originate from myths.

Keep this up and get delisted, get your mind and panties twisted

Paint gates of hell pastel you are simply getting tested.


Those of you who ride along, truth prevails, won’t be long

Don’t forget where we got started, I can never do no wrong

Such are rules of rendezvous, you just got to parle vu

Live my grand imagination, welcome to the Goldin nation

Check my power and my wit, just remember, I’m the shit

Doesn’t matter what you know, speak the truth, forget deceit.

Recognize the skills galore, you can try but can’t ignore

I will rise and take things over, you’ll be asking me for more.

I don’t mean to brag so much, all you have to do is watch

Give me problems, any level, you will see that I’m unmatched.

A survivor I am not, winning is my proper lot

When I’m faced with real issues you’ll be one that’s left to rot.

Got the brains and got the looks, childhood was filled with books

Now you are secondguessing hanging out with the crooks

Victory will have a cost, never be confused or lost

Always know where you’re heading floating freely like a ghost.


Now you are feeding dreams bathing in the sunny beams

Thinking yes, but saying no, go ahead, emit a glow,

Turning water into oil, global warming, plans are spoiled,

Rising quickly to the top, catch full house from the flop

Understanding interactions, turning problems into fractions

Calculating odds of winning, catching ultzer, hair’s thinning,

Crime is rising, idols falling, advertising your true calling

Justifying your existance, banging hos and chase a  princess

Daily goal becomes control, understanding just one role

Clinging to the stripper pole, all your lovers taking toll

Truth be told you are unable read a book, except the Bible

On the information highway you will always try it your way

Close your eyes and fall to darkness, all your dreams no longer harnesed

All your sins already pardoned, cursing has become your jargon

Pray to sin, forget to win, take your losses on the chin

That’s the nature of the game you will rule or will be tamed



Understanding your behavior might as well do me a favor

Tame yourself and be ashamed. Then again, can you be tamed?

Hurting others may be lame, but you’re always rich with pain.

Find ways to speak in symbols, that is meant as your domain.

Break through challenge on a dare, get laid up somewhere in rear

Doesn’t matter how it started fairwell to those departed

Moving forward may be hard make a call and step toward

Live, rejoyce and always smile place your issues in a pile

Spray some alcohol on it, have a toast while it is lit

Smell the gross disgusting fumes, happiness it simply looms

Make a choice, accept it all, drop the tude, don’t drop the ball,

Understand it’s like postmortem, likely I will never call.