I’m a survivor. Through rain rid of glitter, no rainbow, or dancing, I never turn bitter

Impartial to mud, thou ears are ringing, I float like a butterfly, skipping the stinging

I have been marching. My problems don’t matter, they make me, don’t break me, I’m writing this letter

I view my misfortunes like rabbit sees eagle, it is what it is, let’s hope he won’t get me

I turn to the sun. It’s better up there, it’s shiny and warmer, I make my own lair

I’ve seen the rain drops, I’ve witnessed the sparkles, I’ve caused them, I’ve lived them, I’ve even survived them

I’ve lived and I’ve hurt, I’ll always remember. I walk it alone, I’m no party member.

I always react. To all that life offers. In love and in pain, on thrones and in coffers

I’m never an Icarus, building my hive, I’m a survivor of my own life.