Someone else’s mistake

Pay for someone else’s mistake, no rewards, and only ache,

Slipped into subconscious, screwing all your righteousness

Their decision – your collision. Screw your vision and your mission.

Life is filled with more than passion. Pain becomes for you to own.

When we built our own world and announced our retort,

We gave in to our intentions and relieved the void and tension.

Should have known, should have seen. After all I vaguely been

In this spot for far too long, when I’m always right and wrong.

When my pleasure’s never long, just like when ejaculating.

Like I’m chasing an elation, chasing dreams that don’t exist.

When compiling a list of the things I’d never do,

Try to prove that all are wrong and I am forever true.

Some confused and some are burnt, but I’m gonna live forever

When your facts become my ‘never’. When I pay ultimate price,

Thinking with the wrong devise. Do it more than once or twice.

I believe my own gut, left alone, but not to rot.

I’m abandoned by the most, cause with me there is a cost.

Cause I’m blunt and I am real, gut, experience and will

Always guide me through my days and cement me in my ways.

I don’t want to blame the others, but I ask for some respect.

We are sisters, brothers, mothers, all got own intellect.

We are bound by decisions that we never got to make,

Hard to pick someone’s leftovers, ‘less you got the perfect rake.

Sweeping tears, blood and anger, trying hard to hide the scars,

Always up in arms to bangers, causing havoc, pain and wars.

I have loved and lost. Or maybe, I have never even been.

I have left some marks to treasure, yet I may have never seen

That illusive, so intrusive, so unnerving big fat dream.

Sense of wonder, lust and loving, still I own what I bring.

I shall not presume I wondered far away from where I’ve been,

Cause somehow I have always chose to love and not to win.

Maybe all I try to tell you is to prosper and shut up,

But to be completely fair you won’t manage and screw up.

So, I’m back to feeling pity, for another I have wronged,

I am tired of destroying everything for which I longed.

Maybe that’s the real point, destinations don’t exist.

But I’ll play along and wonder. If I must and you insist.