Procreating in the bushes

Procreating in the bushes getting caught right in the moment

That is power of the instant satisfaction to be lasted

Awkward glances in the hallways also count as a credit

Hearts were meant to beat much faster

Only maybe doesn’t matter. Love will lead into disaster.

Cold as ice or maybe frozen? Lead her to the brighter pastures.

She is waiting for the second when the animal’s awaken.

She will even lie or trick you as if only for the taking.

She’ll deceive or take your children. Money also.

Cause you offered. You were nice enough to lose it.

Lose your faith and loose your mojo. Lose that manly real status.

She don’t want to simply leave you. All she wants to do is hurt you.

All she wanted at one point was to fuck you in the bushes.

Flowers pretty up the table. Compliments light up the house.

Some attention from the spouse? Now that’s the real magic!

People walk into conditions of the game they thought they mastered

Then they see it is no longer something distant, never real.

Then it is a game no longer, they forget that love has brought them

To the truth of this existence. They will speak another language.

One that’s filled with fear and doubt. Filled with weakness. Filled with distance.

Filled with something. So they argue. Their pathetic disagreements.

Letting out what they wanted.

What was needed to be out flying freely through the bedroom.

Then they stop the sex in open spaces like the very bushes

They will miss it but they fear that it is no longer likely

Bushes burn into the ashes that will darken your existence.

Darken only like the ashes of the love ignored can darken.

Love ignored for sake of loosing. Like embarking on adventure

And forget where you are heading. Love ignored? For sake of loosing?

There is something very hurtful in the words of these expressions.

Love replaced by pain of loosing. Hence the losing is like loving

Only in a very hurtful dark and dangerous affair. Some may call it an alliance,

Some a union or even they will play with words some further

Not that it was ever needed. It was offered yet forbidden.

And it cost us place in heaven. Adam, Eve and snake with apple

What a picture! Celebrate it. Document it. Sealed. Delivered. Even better.

Like a piggy in a blanky. You will even pay less taxes. Get a mortgage.

Get a habit. Not like ones that made you happy when you were a little younger.

Nervous habits are addictive. They will eat away at pleasure.

No such thing as being happy once you’re simply conjugated.

So the choice is rather clear.

If you wanna be together don’t forget where you got started

Reminisce on pure and happy. Feed that love and it will feed you

Just as if you only started. Then you’re never separated.

Then you’re fucking in the bushes.