Our new life

It all comes full circle, my hoes strictly dickly,

My wicked perception updates rather weekly,

I’m lost among shadows, I might as well snorkel.

I’m Angela Merkel, I may be Obama.

I love me some drama, I got baby mama.

My life undetermined, yet I’m Nostradamus,

Cause I see you coming, so step to and vamos,

And calla la boca, before I turn loco.

My Dominicana is Dios con vaya.

But that’s in the past, I won’t make it last,

Ain’t nothing but dust, my days free and vast.

Chameleon ways, progress through my days,

I try to be true, like brain on x-rays.

Demanding much more than my other half,

And I deserve more, than already have.

So give me a glimpse, while shining your rims,

And switch on and off through various themes.

I’m not a survivor, I’m never a winner,

Gorgona Medusa will claim that I’m meaner.

I may be an asshole, my abs legit leaner

Than what you show off. My deal’s even greener

Than AO to C, feel free come and see,

A New York bartender, she won’t serve you tender,

She’ll flirt and she’ll play ya, she may even lay ya,

She comes from disasters, she’ll rob ya, not pay you.

What did you expect? You must come correct.

Cause her generation ain’t got no respect

For bubblegum dreams and no intellect.

‘Some people did something’ and now it’s wrecked.

I’m not anti-Muslim, I am anti-hate,

It’s harder and harder to love as of late.

The Mexican hordes cause wicked accords,

They close border crossings and even the ports.

But local teenagers don’t want to mow lawns,

They want avocados and like to drop bombs.

They want a new phone, and claim dreams are gone,

They want free Healthcare and no student loans.

Don’t try to relate and we cannot wait,

For crazy ass Bernie to spend what he made

From writing a book that’s by century late.

That’s how they got him and he got paid off,

It isn’t a lot, but he has been bought

By system designed for a few, not the lot

Of workers and thinkers and even inventors.

And don’t get me started on my city renters.

New kids coming up with no parents or mentors,

Cause Facebook and Twitter replaced our pampers.

In twenty nineteen we got Measles R us,

For self-preservation stay off your school bus.

Avoid Williamsburg, Hasidims they took

Old words from the Bible and now we’re shook.

The times always changing, don’t try to hang on

To what’s in the past. Progress and move on.

I know I’m leaving a few other topics,

I run out of space, while feeling myopic.

So leave me alone, my brain’s almost gone,

It isn’t a race, it’s your life’s marathon.