Not your fault

It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault, nail in the head becomes a bolt.

Revolt is brewing from within, you’re so emphatic, never mean.

The goal is never to succeed, but just to live.

And maybe breed. With purpose, seeing far ahead.

Forget the mighty wine and bread and spread some love.

We need it most, without it, we’re only lost.

And not the selfish version filled with pain,

But one that lacks removed disdain.

In vain we hope and then we crash. And make decisions rather rushed.

We fear, hate and we avoid the parts of life that fill the void in our hearts.

So we feel empty.

Of course, it’s safer to be ranting about something far away.

A concept washed by winter rain. Devoid of life and filled with pain.

Filled with anxiety and scars, the memories of time that’s passed.

We pick the triumphs to recall, we miss the innocence of youth,

Because we’re innocent no more, our thoughts and actions so uncouth.

We feel, but focus on the aches, the throbbing anguish of mistakes we never made.

And missed our chance. Depressing life is at a glance.

So don’t go back, keep moving forward. Your hands are bleeding, clothes are torn,

And yet you live. You feel. Rejoice. Your thoughts and words are more than noise.

Your hopes exist, your dreams devout. No need to scream.

Your life is loud because you choose to make a mark.

Don’t slip into the endless dark, the nothingness of other’s failure.

You came into this life alone, as you will leave it.

So atone for only thing you’re guilty of, for being pointlessly rough, but on yourself.

Forget the others. They got themselves, their sisters, brothers,

They got their friends, and maybe parents. They got their goals and own adherence.

But you just move through somersault.

So just remember, not your fault.