My name is my daughter’s father

Wake up in the morning, hate the alarm.

Wish I could ignore it, but I got to give a damn.

Wish I could sleep in, but ignoring what I would rather,

I just stick to the plan, cause my name is my daughter’s father.

Jumping in the shower, brush my teeth and shave my face,

What will get me moving is I am what I embrace

There are always other ways, but I shake my sleepy daze,

I just cannot wait no longer till I see my daughter’s face.

Drink my Ruby Red, treat my body as a temple,

Swallow breakfast smoothie cause I gotta stay so nimble.

She is still passed out, bobo stuck between her teeth

This is not a myth, princess lying underneath

Blanket cause it’s cool, but it’s time to get to school,

So I kiss her and I hug her, here it is, my daily saga.

I take off her pajama, change her diaper and I dress her

Her mama would be hyper, the solution’s nina beso.

I take her to the bathroom, brush her teeth and wash her face.

I feel like on a mission, the protector of my faith.

My child is my message, what I say is ‘G-d I love you’

My worldly application’s to be close and not above you.

We go downstairs and I put her in the car.

We’re driving kinda far, but my baby is a star.

She’ll guide me in the darkness and confusion of my days.

I’m easily amazed when it comes to her embrace.

We get to school so early there is still nobody there.

I feed her and I play with her, my daughter is my air.

And then the teachers come and I gotta go to work,

I gotta make the money to afford this daily quirk.

I cruise throughout my day and it’s time to go get ‘er.

The morning was amazing, but the end of day is better.

She sees me and she smiles, all my efforts are worthwhile.

Her happiness is key, cause my daughter’s back with me.

I love my little angel and I swear I’ll never change it.

You’d know if you would meet ‘er, yes, my baby’s name is Vita.