Is it mine or is it yours? Is it meant to have been had?

Will you bring me peace or wars, make me feel alive or dead?

Will you cause just what I wish? Do you wish just what I seek?

This is all beyond some fate, break it down to technique.

But at least with you I care. I don’t even mind the pain.

When you lay so pure and bare, time is never spent in vain.

I don’t mind the time I lost, I don’t mind the wisdom gained,

I forget the hopes and dreams washed away with winter rain.

I don’t mind the fear and doubt I am trying to forget,

I will do it all again, go all in and place a bet.

I will bet that love, it lives. I will bet, that yes, I can.

Lose my mind and live my life, feel alive and screw the plan.

I already look beyond, I already give too much.

I’ll be selfish, just for me. I’ll be lost and out of touch.

I will only please myself, through my pleasure I’ll exist,

I will open all my doors, and my efforts won’t be missed.

That is when I’ll see you try, walk toward, attempt to reach.

That is when I tell no lie, even though I tend to preach.

This is when my pleasure’s yours. This is when I feel, you feel.

This is stuff of ancient lore, sharing all and on the reel.

This is us, forget the past. This is new, let pain depart.

Open eyes, and see me try, let love rule and open heart.

Are we meant to make it work? Are we doomed to be as one?

Maybe so. Let it be. Stick around and don’t run.