Love is not about vengeance

Dream awake and just imagine, love is not about vengeance,

Going out on a tangent, make a promise to yourself.

Past hath brought some entertainment, sins of past demand no payment,

One by one and all in tandem, like a carrot and a mule.

Don’t dislike mistakes and errors, don’t be scared, don’t hold back.

You believe in life and fortune, your analysis is wack.

What you seek is lost in kisses, always sweet and hence delicious,

Don’t produce the contradictions sabotaging faith in self.

Yes, you can, and screw your doubt, your beliefs are proud, loud,

Wound up cause you are out of the shell you built yourself.

Pretty easy being sleezy, puff and pass and then you’re wheezing,

One plus one sometimes a million, but you also got to live.

Take it slow, leave the tow, and progress onto next day,

Logic doesn’t mean you’re normal, all those feelings there dormant,

Even if you’re only playing, even if you’re monster-slaying,

Even if you’re problem-solving, for mistakes forever paying,

Even if your life’s decaying, even if you’re simply saying

That it’s time to just step up, your miscalculations-weighing.

Past ideas disengaging and you are no longer raging,

Play position, play your part, like miscarriage you discard

Dreams incapable of more, might as well just be folklore,

Open mind and close the door, promise not to be a bore.


I don’t want to really change ya, but I love to be with you,

Back and forth is just a rager, as you change, I’m staying true

Tit for tat, we’re please each other, I don’t care what’s right and wrong,

Time to skip what I would rather, our ideas are among

Drama stories never boring, whether fall in love or fuck,

Maybe both, I never worry, favored by that lady Luck.

We are heading for disaster, 1 one plus one is not too much,

Better, deeper, harder, faster, eating fantasies for lunch.

Kiss of death or death to kisses, we recycle what we crave,

Dreams are ever so delicious, just demand it and be brave.

Touch my soul, my chest, my mouth, touch my life and stay in it,

You’re a doll, let’s go south, make our story more legit.

On a beach we shall be found, in each other we’ll be lost,

Like them rabbits we are wound, drink to something, there’s your toast.

Left to right and top to bottom, from Northeast to Southwest,

Pass the light, the pain is phantom, burn your list, don’t be a pest.

Freedom’s sweet and rather lonely, we are heading for a hill,

Every deed the one and only, bring it back to dollar bill.


I’m going through life, whether like it or not, and if I sign, it’s not on a dot.

I figure my future can’t be harder than the past, and I care little what to do with the rest.

I won’t many battles and even some wars, I even remember when I defied laws

Of logic and reason and messed with your plans, to tame me through series of torturous bans.

Forever I’m proud of every mistake, and when I am gone, don’t come to my wake.

I want you to smile and rather you laugh, my place in the world is all bout love.

I’d rather I gave you a damning heartache, cause I don’t pretend, I give what I take.

So, float, entertain, and please me throughout, I’ll leave lasting memories, please have no doubt.

We sync our bodies, our hearts and our souls, we share random thoughts and live with no walls

We’re scared to lose what we never head, when all that we need is some faith, wine and bread.