Just another daily saga

Just another daily saga, skin is rugged from the drinking

Thinking seldom, ears ringing, objects moving slightly slower

Time is flowing, people boring, I am once again hung-over.

Stories, worries, silly conquests, orgies, drugs and bare titties

Eating yogurt in the morning, asking for a Bloody Mary

This is so unnecessary, get caught up in empty pairing

You are awesome and amazing, minute passed and she is fading

Like a memory at night, of the one you had before,

You don’t ever want to lie, and don’t ever want to grow

I’m a lover, not a fighter, tell me then, what is your problem?

Precious-hunting, like a Goblin, it’s in front of you right here

Call it mix of Jack and beer, and experience sativa

Right along a 6 foot diva, begging for a little anal, sparing me her neither region

Call me crazy, homophobic, I am sparing me the drama,

Stepping straight into unknown, college bar with beer and pizza.

Super young Dominicana, why you want my mean leftovers?

Fake ID and call to fucking, that is all she ever wanted.

Like a Ronin in the city, lost with no sense of direction

Squirting, coming, not affection, just obsessed with my erection.

Is it crazy the day after brings a trip for fresh organics?

Got to feed refrigerator, groceries return to normal,

Always now, never later, I would never pass on oral,

So another crazy evening coming up with girl so luscious

Tasha, Nina, Bella, Rina, a masseuse, a ballerina,

One’s a teacher, one’s a banker, every single one a wanker,

Horny willing always down, alter ego oddly proud.