I refuse to be broken

I refuse to be broken. I am rather bruised, and the scars and the jadedness’ showing.

I imagine the world where we still get to choose, be it love or the freedom of knowing.

What will happen to us? Where we lay our heads, where we get our highs and our lows.

Undetermined by actions and subject to fate, only G-d’s in command, as he knows.

I am honest to all, I believe in my truth, I believe that perhaps you can take it.

I don’t promise relaxed, I don’t grant IOUs, so at times you will fake it and make it.

If you offer too much, I may just walk away, or perhaps I’ll accept as a challenge.

It’ll top ‘not enough’, it’ll likely uplift, but elation does not bring me balance.

And my ‘tired’ is ‘bored’, I have seen, I have done, I have soared to incredible distance.

I have laughed and I cried, I’ve had pleasure and pain, and I learned to survive through resistance.

Yet my purpose in life it’ll always remain just the same: to be strong, smart and kind.

Being bored is a choice, same as being in pain, so I travel through life and express no disdain,

Everything, everyone brings me sunshine and rain, all depends on the way I am feeling.

Looking high in the sky I see beauty in dirt, weaponize every word, every action.

When I look deep below, I observe beauty grow, and again, I just feel satisfaction.

Only glances excite, only whispers tell truth, only promise of dream send you swimming upstream.

We enjoy what we bring, we possess what we feel, we express our misunderstanding.

Yet, we never forgive, even if we forget, often loving through insinuation.

So, I live all alone, and I learn, not atone, I am right, and I’m wrong altogether.

I don’t smile too much, but I always rejoice, I design my own fate, my own weather.