I pray

All day, every day, I live, I don’t pray.

I spread him through me, since he made me, I won’t leave.

Ain’t no how, ain’t no way, when I tire and I lay,

I’ll remember where I’m from, I’ll be scared and I’ll be brave.

Through his words and my accords, through the pages made by men,

I will see into the book, I will listen, trust and look for his sign

Cause life’s sublime, even when it’s somewhat shitty.

But I ask, why are we greedy and expect for him to help?

Why we welcome hate and ire, lust replaces the desire,

Yet we look into the sky, or we dare question why

This and that was done to us, while we read the holy book.

Every time we try to trust, our future’s slightly cooked.

Predetermined are to suffer from the one we called our Brother

From the one men titled G-d, words got carried like a feather

In a storm of life’s free will.

Is it G-d or preservation, is it better to have read

Words entwined in deeper knowledge?

Is it easier to manage expectations and your sins if you wrap it in ideas?

Phobias replaced our faith. Darwin reached into our souls

And we even called it ‘science ‘.

Shops replaced by supermalls, blogging stands for our defiance.

Trust in self. That’s what he wants. Walk the path already offered.

There is little in the words of the ones we’re calling ‘prophets ‘.

Little more than in our hearts, pre-determined to come out.

Slightly less, as thoughts depart, even if you think it’s loud.

So I live. All night and day. I perform the semi-magic

Of the one who paved the way.

Yes, I live. That’s how I pray.