I miss love

I miss love, it misses me, sneaking picks of what it could be,

Would be, should be, it assured me

That mistakes are always worthy, that my heart will always beat.

Through the shadows of deceit makes me question dedication

Leading to its own damnation, unfulfilling coronation in my very own world.

I’ll eventually transport to my own imagination,

Lacking patience through stagnation, force unnatural sedation.

Not sedition/agitation, but transition through frustration.

Screw demeanor and rapport, that survived through generations.

I want love, the thought and action, understanding, satisfaction.

Want fulfillment, emulation.

To the point masturbation doesn’t interest me much.

I will eat your dreams for lunch and construct amazing castles,

Built with sand on golden beaches. And my rhetoric, it teaches. Always gives and never takes.

I’m no liar, but a snake.

Always know where I’m heading, never planned, but always righteous,

Hardly fake, forever conscious, only taming wild beasts.

Overusing the ‘at least’ and exceeding expectations.

Be my feast.

Decapitation ala Louis the 16th only places in a ring,

But the fight it is my own. Every move has been homegrown,

Every virtue up for keeps.

Maybe love, it simply sleeps, and I need to wake it up?

First, I really need to drop my distrust and my suspicion.

Venture off on expedition to a place so far away, that I’ll meet somebody new

And become a waterloo.

Crush my doubt and my fear, quietly I’ll say ‘my dear’, and I’ll mean it every time.

Authenticity through rhyme.