I felt

I felt like I was gonna die.

And then I felt like that some more.

Through joy and smiles and absurd but very real loss of love.

And life.

And feelings.

Trust and flesh were shared just as if it was a path to answers,

Only worse, it was a road to rope and death.

9 milliliter echoed words unspoken as they were implied…

And then I died.

Or part of me was falling freely to its doom.

And my demise like witch and broom – not necessary, but a must.

I lived, I learned, I hurt, I cried.

Then I was empty.

Words aside.

And actions turned into retorts.

I kissed the sky and burnt my wings.

But life it goes on in spite of everything I felt and lost.

I tried to climb so high, so bare.

I only fell because I trust.

But I refuse to be a loss of life, of love, of touch and feel.

I see the sky and see myself.

I’m perfect.


Then I cry.

The end.