Have so much I want to say

Have so much I want to say, draw a picture for you all.

Craving peace, but won’t back down, always standing, always tall.

Every pain is not the same, but so common, I’m afraid,

I relate to all, no doubt, but the road’s already laid.

Maybe don’t perpetuate, or at least don’t be an ass.

Going over airwaves super heartless, fake, and crass.

Maybe see the world as whole through your doubt and remorse,

Maybe call yourself a troll in the Twitter universe.

Maybe argue, gossip, talk for the sake of shutting up,

Maybe listen, even nod, when you lay your evil trap.

Maybe Twitter’s not enough, maybe nothing is assured,

Maybe lines between the times have been had and now blurred.

The experience occurred, not refunded, but absorbed,

Always worth it, and so what? Now I’m bored and rather rude.

Always know what to say, never care how I act,

Maybe masking pain and guilt, like removing cataracts.

Maybe saving’s what I need, maybe this is cry for help,

Maybe all I ever wished was to manage what’s been dealt.

Maybe lost without rules, maybe getting through the days,

Maybe I am just a fool, bathing in the summer rays.

Or perhaps it’s all a lie, foundation to the past,

We’ve moved on and we’ve progressed, so the bullies wouldn’t last.

Maybe this is how it is, and I’m doing simply fine,

Maybe I don’t need a guide to get up and write this rhyme.

Maybe air isn’t free, maybe taxes aren’t too much,

But your greed and poor control have been eating you for lunch.

Maybe we’re the real slaves of the system turning tricks,

Maybe we came in ahead of the prior leading picks.

Maybe nothing is the norm, maybe it’s OK to lie,

Maybe you can choose the form, and just use it till you die.

Maybe we are wrong and right, maybe answers don’t exist,

All we have is here and now, and no wonder you are pissed.

Transcendental, it endures, even if you haven’t seen.

You detect it in your eyes, sipping slowly as you grin.

You can see it in your days if you see your every thought.

No distractions por favor, I am saying it’s a lot.

Step by step, you’re breathing hard, maybe better to let go,

Every story, every game, adding to another row.