Growing up

You’re 11. Life is funny. Pay no rent and have no voice.


Twitter, radio and texting have replaced the softer toys.


Parents think that you still favor Ken and Barbie every day.


While you can not be too certain, but you think your brother’s gay.


Parties, booze, marijuana wait for you not far away.


Sex is still a little scary, it’s been put on layaway.


You’re 14 and both your parents say that you should get a job.


Gentler sounds straight from Disney gone away with daytime nap.


You already got a girlfriend. Maybe boyfriend. All the same.


Hanging daily with grandparents is considered super lame.


17 and expectations shot directly through the roof.


When you’re making your decisions it’s for real, not a spoof.


Money, suddenly it matters. College choices. Friends depart.


You’re surprisingly  enjoying conversations. Heart to heart.


  1. It has been legal to get drunk. You and a friend.


College over. No career. Yet. But you got bills and rent.


Skip few years. You are 40. What has happened in your life?


The exciting constant changes were replaced by kids and wife.