Empire state of mind

Empire state of mind, forgetting to unwind,

Forgetting to forget, and all of this begets desire not to run,

But fly into the sky.

Not scared just to die, to risk it all again.

Cause heart it beats but once and vanishes unused,

But having seen abuse, and having seen neglect,

You feel like maybe wrecked your princess story got.

And maybe tit for tat is how fable goes, you cannot live in past,

But anger hasn’t passed, it all accumulates, and often irritates,

And often fires shots, and swinging through the days, escaping ending dots it leaves you the receipts,

And bills and fucking scars.

And when you know wars, you know PTS, anxieties galore.

Your little remnants of, mistakes you never made.

But did appreciate the face behind the mask, the figure made of wax,

The promises of gold not letting you relax.

Not letting you unwind. Empire state of mind. It runs your mind and soul.

And keeps on charging toll.

Until you hit a wall.

And life is at a crawl.

That’s all.