Second chances life is full. Not do-overs, but do-rights.

First screw up and act a fool, like a SummerJam in tights.

Time it passes, brings the pain, still unheard of, come regret.

Put your soul on auto-drain, stop the stupid tit for tat.

Some mistakes they hurt inside, re-examine strength and trap,

Put your words into sonnets, all you hear is some rap.

Not a matter of intent, caught in ‘able’, ‘must’ and ‘can’.

Sounds better when it’s sang, still Je Ne Regrette Rien.

Slogans dance into your life, some from Vonnegut, Sun Tsu,

Not like it was all my fault, naming ‘why’, but never ‘who’.

We’re destroying our past, outdated Tappan Zee,

Burn the bridges, burn your brain, don’t be wasteful, just rebuild.

I don’t want to be alone, yet alone I never am,

Give a damn about too much, hurt yourself and even fam.

Is it better not to care, is it better just to float

Aimlessly among the lost, waiting for the Styx’s boat?

Make the choices, make them yours, hurt and cry, don’t be afraid,

Don’t assume it will get worse, only better, hence the bait.