Was amazing head to toe, tell you how it was before,

Tell me why I tried so hard to make up for my folklore

As addictive as pain is, wish I handled heart and biz

Nonewithstanding of the past, maybe then I would have last-ed

Off the shoulder would have dusted all that nasty, ‘nstead I bust-ed,

Rusted nails – my emotions, mix it into my concoction of intentions to make up.

Nothing fell onto my lap, always worked like on this rap, was my own confusing map

To the treasures never seen, but described as clear win over haters and them bigots

Maybe stupid, fighting idiots, swinging hard into thin air, acting free, all debonair

Like tomorrow never comes, like free will my only plan.

Keeping going, pushing hard, maybe I am the retard,

Maybe living in a pail is in fact not even hard. Maybe daylight needs a lamp,

Maybe that’s my real part, I’m confused like Minotaur,

Understood in terms of war, maybe I’m the real savage benefiting from the mileage.

No such thing as a mistake, try to eat and have your cake.

More is merrier, I think, stare at truth, try not to blink,

Put your dreams into a sling, flying high with broken wings,

Will is aerodynamic, land straight up into Potomac.

I am Sully, you are Whip, going nuts like from catnip

Rip-ping fabric of perception, no way out, no deception,

Back and forth is therapeutic, only will is to survive,

Chill at home, like in a dive, waiting till you hear last call,

Still removed from bear essence, life is all about lessons.

Not the ones that we can teach, only those we never reach.

Day by day I’m always tired, this is not the way I’m wired,

Through my ire and my will, I have never known dire.

I have never known pain, if I’m wet, it is from rain,

If I’m hurt, it’s severed feelings, I’m not heading toward healing,

I will only welcome strange, some artistic, some deranged,

Twist sensations on a binge, moving backwards inch by inch,

My ambitions always lynched, stealing happiness like Grinch,

Always rushing, in a pinch, bury issues in a ditch.