You used to be my used to be, and I just couldn’t let you be.

Your skin was soft, like finest cream, your lips were plump, and eyes were fierce,

Your build was sexy, fun and fly, and life with you – no place for tears.

I saw the scars, I saw the ghosts, but I just figured it’s the cost

To be with you and build with you, without you was simply lost.

I pushed it further, well ahead. I pushed away G-d’s wine and bread,

To be together, be as one, like Clyde and Bonnie on the run.

It wasn’t long and no surprise my dream became my own demise,

I touched your heart – as cold as ice, we played the game of cat and mice.

Or Mice and Men, and you just ran into oblivion and lies.

It wasn’t once, it wasn’t twice. I must admit, I wasn’t nice,

But was in love with you and worse, I made you mine, but you were yours.

You kept me scared of your ways, you were cemented in my days and in my life.

You were the knife to cut my soft and sweet and nice,

But bothersome, like fucking lice. What happened next was no surprise.

I loved that you were a bad ass. I could have, should have done with less.

I saw the damsel and distress but was OK with mental mess.

And now mess became my life, I search for truth with blindfold.

What I was told, or you were told… I’m kinda young, yet super old.

I took a chance, it didn’t pay. Perhaps there was another way.

Or maybe not and this is it. I’m meant to break my sense and wit.

I’m meant to live and feel remorse… but then again, it could be worse.