Beach thoughts

Is it the last I get to swim, before the water turning cold,

Is it the last I get to dream, and go to doing what I’m told?

Is it the last, is it the first, is it the never ending lust?

Is it the fear of goodbye and just unwillingness to lie?

Or maybe simpler, I don’t pry, I’m just a very simple guy.

I get my kicks, like ham on rye, and I don’t scream, I only sigh.

I only dip, when I’m unsure, and otherwise I try to lure

Sub-willing members to my cult, and then I watch ‘em run amok.

It’s only shocking if you’re bored, and when reciting word for word

Consistent mantra of confused, just caught off guard, but not abused.

Relay the message from your mind, and just move on and don’t rewind.

You only lose what can not find, and otherwise you are OK.