How interesting, twisted, they emerge and get delisted,

Dissed it, pissed it, always greased it.

Always bored and still I kissed it.

Still explored and always found, thoughts and feelings, common ground.

Bound for discovery, but straight up, not cowardly.

Never lonely, got myself, it’s too much for strangers.

Yeah, anxiety’s a bitch, but I present no danger.

Just on point, right on time, kiss the sky and write this rhyme.

Always playing hit or miss, but at times I lose to trees.

Never said I was the wiz, you gave me the title,

Moaning, panting, ‘daddy, please’ from the first recital.

So I roam this land alone, don’t regret, but still atone.

Broken dreams already gone, starting new adventure,

Silhouettes of what I missed can be seen through ganja.

And tomorrow never comes, if you live just for today,

So you pray and kiss the sky, and eliminate the gray.

Have no fear, push ahead, cause tomorrow you’ll be dead.

Cause today is all you got, maybe luxury or mud.

Seen it all, survived it all, painted a picture.

Know more, but saying less, I’ll never be a fixture.

Teaching others – teaching self, and discover answers.

On the beach or nine to five, always paying ransoms.

All day long replaced the dusk, I will manage, never pass,

Life on fumes, I need some gas, need some food, and then alas!

Every twist demands its own, every turn like never born,

Every try, it’s never last, if in doubt, check your past.

If uncertain, check your seat, and assume you have been beat.

Its OK, embrace the cost, never found, always lost.

Bug resides within your soul, building barriers and walls,

What is wrong with being hurt, if your pain is just your role?